Our Partners

Quetech Ltd. - Maker of Time Study and Work Measurement Software

Quetech is the developer of WorkStudy+ time study and work measurement software for Android, iOS, PCs and web.  Their time study software is easy to use, yet powerful enough to handle time studies or work sampling of any complexity.

Industrial Timestudy Institute - Work Measurement Specialists and Consulting Engineers

Industrial Timestudy Institute, Inc. is a full-service Management Consulting and Training firm specializing in work measurement and committed to improving productivity, reducing costs and providing practical solutions for our clients.

TZA - Engineering and Consulting Services

As a leader in supply chain performance technology and services, TZA is committed to working with its customers to improve operational performance and empower their most valuable asset– their people.

Johnson Stephens Consulting - Supply Chain Consultants

Providing our clients with the most cost effective, service efficient solutions to supply chain operations and transportation issues.

Jackpine Engineering - Process Optimization and Supply Chain Specialists

Jackpine has deep roots in labor management, repeatable business process, and supply chain engineering.
If there’s a more efficient way to get the job done, Jackpine Engineering will find it.

Argent - Productivity & Quality Improvement Specialists

Argent provides industrial engineering, software, training and management consulting solutions that enable clients to gain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. We utilize industry knowledge and real-world experience to deliver significant value for each client.

Axsium - Global Workforce Management Consulting

Axsium helps their clients establish a realistic strategy and roadmap to reach their people-related goals. They also focus on processes to improve the way people work and their productivity/impact.

WFM Engineering - Consulting Services in Retail Engineering

WFM Engineering, Inc. is a management consulting firm, specializing in industrial engineering support services for retail store operations. Services include work measurement, workload and process definition, labor analytics, change management, continuous improvement programs, workforce management assistance, and labor management resource development.